Our CEO and co-founder, Dr. Immanuel Lerner will be speaking at TIDES Asia 2023

Dr. Immanuel Lerner, CEO and co-founder of Pepticom, will speak at the TIDES Asia conference between March 7-9. His lecture will be about The Potential and Current Application of Artificial Intelligence in Peptide Drug Discovery. The conference will take place in Kyoto, from March 7-9, and he will be available for meetings there as well […]

Pepticom is launching a Webinar series

The webinar series is about the world of Peptide Therapeutics, in the first couple of episodes we are hosting Dr. Tomi Sawyer, our head of the scientific advisory board. We’ll share breakthroughs in the field, what the future is and where Pepticom fits in.To watch all episodes, follow us here: https://pepticom.com/to-our-webinar/