Board of Directors



Professor Amiram Goldblum is a director and co-founder of Pepticom since 2013. He is currently head of the Molecular Modeling and Drug Design unit at the Institute for Drug Research of the Hebrew University. Prof. Goldblum developed a prize-winning generic computer algorithm for solving extremely complex combinatorial problems, called "Iterative Stochastic Elimination" (ISE). The ISE has numerous applications in various fields: Structural Biology, Protein-ligand and Protein-Protein interactions, Molecular Design of small molecules, of peptides and of Proteins, Cheminformatics and Informatics. Prof. Goldblum is the author of ~100 peer reviewed papers and presented talks and keynote lectures in dozens of international conferences. He is a board member of The Lisa Meitner Minerva Center for Computational Quantum Chemistry and a research member of the Sudarsky Center for Computational Biology, both located at the Hebrew University.

In 1996, Prof. Goldblum served as Chairperson of World Organization of Theoretically Oriented Chemists Conference, in addition to being on the scientific advisory boards of European QSAR meetings and a referee in contests of the Emerging Technologies Symposia of the American Chemical Society. Prof. Goldblum earned his MSc (with Prof. A.D. Bergman and A.Meyer) and his PhD in Organic Chemistry with Rafael Mechoulam, at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He holds three Postdoctoral Studies: Quantum Biochemistry, from the Institute for Physico-Chemical Biology in Paris with Alberte and Bernard Pullman; Quantitative Structure-Activity Relations from Pomona College California with Corwin Hansch; and Quantum Mechanical computations of reaction pathways from Stanford University with Gilda Loew.


Mrs. Rachel Hamburger has been an active member of the Board since 2014. Mrs. Hamburger is a knowledgeable businesswoman with 20 years of experience in senior managerial positions and is a pivotal investor in various Biomed companies. She actively participates in Pepticom’s annual evaluation and planning efforts and assists in defining goals for business development. Mrs. Hamburger’s background provides the Board with broad expertise in financial and operational issues crucial to the success of our company.


Mr. André Miodezky is a seasoned entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in high level managerial positions (CEO, board positions, advisor for technology and strategic affairs). Mr. Miodezky co-founded SoftKinetic and served as key Manager and led the company acquisition by Sony Corporation in October 2015. His expertise includes strategic and financial planning and structuring, marketing and business development activities, investors relations and fund raising.